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Vic Gathering 2019

6th - 8th December

Mafeking Rover Park

Gates Open 6 pm



For those with a Caremonkey Profile, can they please respond to the request that has been sent out from Caremonkey so that their information can be shared for the event. it is important that this happens ASAP, so that our First Aid team have the medical details in case they require them.

 It is also a good idea to bring a copy of your profile for those that aren't sure whether they/or their parents have responded to the request.


Vic Gathering (or VG for short) is a Victorian based weekend camp specifically run for Venturers and Guides from Victoria (aged between 14 and 18 years), with Venturers also attending from other states in Australia. The objective of VG is to provide a fun weekend for Venturers, Guides, Rovers and Leaders to unwind at the end of a busy year. 

Vic Gathering, run by the Vic Gathering Committee, takes place on the first full weekend of December every year, with support from Leaders and Rovers from across the state. 

VG is a standing camp with a regularly changing venue. Venturers and Guides are generally required to be self-sufficient for the weekend, however a canteen is provided for those who do not wish to prepare their own meals. 

Gates open at 6.00 pm on Friday night with some activities kicking off around 9.30 pm. The canteen and some displays will be starting at 6.00 pm on Friday until 11.30 am on Sunday. Final Parade takes place around 12.30 pm on Sunday. 

Normally we have approximately 700 to 800 Venturers and Guides, plus a further 200 Rovers and Leaders onsite for the weekend. 

This is a fantastic way to finish off the year with relaxation, entertainment, activities, socializing and more packed into one awesome weekend.