Vic Gathering


This year VG is a little different, our Committee would love to host an in person event, but bringing a normal Vic Gathering together takes a lot of effort and time that we didn't have. Below are the list of activities that we will be hosting over the weekend, we hope you can still come together with your unit and your friends and participate is as many of these as you can, and we would love to see as many photos and videos of what you got up to over the weekend shared to our social media accounts.


The Camel Cup - 

The Camel Cup List: Camel Cup List



The Camel Cup - 

Submissions of photos or videos to be completed by 6pm.


The Prize for the winning team is 10 free tickets to VG2021! 

Virtual Photography Master Class - 

Kicking off from 11am

Starting on Teams for an introduction 


Photos to be shared on social media by midnight (12am) to be included in the competition 


Single entries: Osmo mobile 3

Group entries: A Mavic Mini

Chillaxing Saturday - 

Kicking off from 4pm

Movie session info:


Download Teleparty Prior to this session to make sure you don't miss out!


1. Go to Teleparty website and download Teleparty extension (

2. Make sure Extension is activated

3. Join zoom meeting at 4pm (link will be shared on the day!)

4. Log in to Netflix on Google Chrome

5. Click on URL in zoom chat and enjoy watching movie as a group

Gaming Session:

1. Join the Zoom Call (

2. You'll be put into a breakout room where you can play Among Us, make sure you've got it downloaded prior to the session (can be played on mobile & desktop)

3. Have fun!

Saturday Night Live Stream Party!

Log into our Stream from 8pm to see DJ Andy spin the decks!




Going the Distance Challenge

How far can you walk or ride in one go?

Can you and your unit walk or ride further than every other Venturer Unit?


Get away from the zoom sessions and work with your unit to "Go The Distance"


The unit that walks the furthest average distance will get a prize!

The unit that rides the furthest average distance will get a prize!


**minimum of 5 ventures per unit must participate to qualify for the prize**

**all participating unit members must do the same activity (walking or riding)**




We hope you have fun over the weekend and if you've got any issues contact our social media pages or email us.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.