30 November-2 December 2018

Gilwell Park, Gembrook, in the Dandenong Ranges, just over 70km east of Melbourne

  • Gates open for check-in at 6pm on the Friday night - no earlier!
  • Activities start at 9:30pm on Friday night and keep going until 11.30 am on Sunday.
  • Having fun is a prerequisite, as is looking after your own welfare! This means eat food, drink water & sleep!
  • New, quick check-in procedure on Friday night, (if all forms submitted) to allow for more activity time.
  • If you are being hosted by another Unit, then please fill in the Unit Hosting Form and return it prior to VG.
  • Alcohol and non-prescribed drugs are not to be brought to Vic Gathering.  Any Venturer, 14-18 Guide, Rover, whole Unit, single member or Leader found with non-prescribed drugs or alcohol in their possession will be sent home immediately, along with the rest of their Unit, at their parents’, guardians’ or own expense.
  • NO ENERGY DRINKS will be allowed on-site.  No-Doze or similar tablets are not to be bought on-site. Items will be confiscated when found and will not be returned.
  • If you wish to camp with another Unit, plan to arrive at the same time so that you can choose your space together.
  • It will be expected that you get sleep over the weekend.
  • No couches or large pieces of furniture (especially with wheels) will be allowed on-site.
  • No bicycles (1, 2 or 3 wheels) are allowed to be bought on-site by Venturers, Leaders and Rovers, except for those being used by an activity.
  • The campsite may be rather dark in areas, so torches would be handy for all attending.
  • Prizes are available for selected activities – ask the Rover Crew running the activity if there is a prize.
  • BYO food & cooking equipment or buy food from our on-site canteen.  The Canteen provides standard food only, it is not a provider of specialty catering or food that meets dietary requirements.

REMEMBER:  Please read the Conditions of Entry. These will be strictly adhered to.

What to Bring to VG

  • Personal belongings (clothes etc)
  • Sunscreen (SPF 30+) & hat
  • Tent (hike tents are preferred).  Steel tent pegs are suggested, as the ground could be hard.
  • Extra garbage bags for rubbish
  • Sleeping gear (sleeping bag etc.)
  • Water container and water.  Water at the site is only to be taken from the specific drinking water taps for drinking/cooking, etc
  • Shade structures (small)
  • Uniform for traveling to and from VG and closing ceremony
  • Food & cooking equipment (lightweight) or buy food from our on-site canteen. Please remember fire restrictions may apply.  No open fires (fire restrictions).  Gas-fired cooking appliances are permitted on-site.  NO pot belly stoves or other flame based heaters to be brought on-site.
  • Personal First Aid Kit.  This needs to include paracetamol and any antihistamines as prescribed for your own use. Ant and spider bites prevalent.
  • Personal Information Record (PIR) Form if there have been any changes to the health information you have provided during the registration processThis also applies to Leaders, Rovers and Service Personnel.  Medical information must be up-to-date with ALL medical issues clearly stated.  All information provided is relevant to the care that you receive while at VG.

NO ghetto blasters, whips, knives, multi tools, laser pointers (which will not be returned!), sheath or large knives permitted.  If found they will be held in Administration for safe keeping until the end of VG (so don’t bring them!), where they can be picked up after 1.30pm on the Sunday.

NO alcohol and/or non-prescribed drugs are to brought to VG. 
Any Venturer, 14-18 Guide, Rover, whole unit, single member or Leader found with alcohol or non-prescribed drugs in their possession will be sent home immediately at their parents', guardians' or own expense.

Being SunSmart at VG


  • Make sure you bring SHADE for your campsite.
  • Make sure that you and your Venturers have HATS, SUNSCREEN and CLOTHING that will protect them from sunburn.
  • Scout camps are closed-shoe camps. Please make sure that you and your Venturers have CLOSED SHOES to protect their feet from injury - NO THONGS!
Download this file (PIRjun12.pdf)Personal Information Record June 2012[Personal Information Record June 2012]136 kB
Download this file (InformationBooklet-VG2017.pdf)VG 2017 Information Booklet[VG 2017 Information Booklet]1192 kB