Golden Ticket Competition

We have an Early Bird Golden Ticket Competition running this year!

The rules for this competition are as follows:

If you are registered and your VG application is complete (all forms signed, forms and photo uploaded, and payment has been made) each week you will be in with a chance to win your early bird registration fee back

One ticket will be randomly selected every Sunday night for five weeks after the early bird registrations open.
If you get in early and complete your registration, you will have the opportunity to win 5 times! If you leave it a week you’ll be in the running for 4 draws and so on, so the sooner you complete your registration as detailed above, the more chances you have to win.

Scouts 14+

Scouts Special Price Offer $45

For a Scout to be able to take up this offer, they must be with a 'sponsored' Venturer Unit.
Remember to make sure you that you list the name of the Venturer Unit you are sponsored by (that you will be camping with during the weekend).
Please also fill in the Scout Hosting Form and make sure that your Scout Leader knows that you are attending VG.

Go to the Register page to sign up.

Venturers - remember that this is a great opportunity to increase your numbers by letting Scouts see what your Venturers do, and they are able to attend VG at a discounted cost.


VG Ambassador Program

Be the first person from your unit to sign up for VG and become a VG Ambassador.

  • You'll get a unique badge
  • You'll be the first to know about the activities
  • You'll be the first to tell your Venturers
  • You'll be the one in the know.

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Download this file (Scout-Special-price-offer-information-VG2018.pdf)Scout Special Price Offer Information VG2018[Scout Special Price Offer Information VG2018]382 kB
Download this file (Scout-Hosting-Form-VG2018.pdf)Scout Hosting Form VG2018[Scout Hosting Form VG2018]121 kB
Download this file (Conditions-of-Entry-VG2018.pdf)Conditions of Entry VG2018[Conditions of Entry VG2018]73 kB