General Information


  • Gates open for check-in at 6pm on the Friday night – no earlier!
  • Activities start at 9.30pm on Friday night and keep going until 11.30am on Sunday
  • Hosting – please fill in “Unit Hosting Form” and return PRIOR to VG
  • Camping with other Units – If you wish to camp near another unit, plan to arrive at the same time so you can choose your space together. 
  • Phone Charging station located at VG Admin – gold coin donation. 


All Tickets are to be booked and paid for using our Trybooking Event. 


  •  Everyone must have an up to date Operoo profile Medical information must be up-to-date with ALL medical issues clearly stated.  All information provided is relevant to the care that you receive while at VG.
  • Don’t forget your Personal First Aid Kit, including paracetamol and any antihistamines as prescribed for your own use. Ant and spider bites prevalent.
  • Don’t forget to look after yourself; eat food, drink plenty of water and get some sleep over the weekend!  


  • Make sure you bring small SHADE structures for your campsite. 
  • Make sure that you and your Venturers have HATS, SUNSCREEN and CLOTHING that will protect them from sunburn.
  • Scout camps are closed-shoe camps. Please make sure that you and your Venturers have CLOSED SHOES to protect their feet from injury – NO THONGS


  • Personal belongings (clothes etc), sleeping gear (sleeping bag etc.)
  • Uniform for traveling to and from VG and closing ceremony
  • Hike tents are preferred, steel tent pegs are suggested for Mafeking as the ground can be hard
  • BYO lightweight cooking equipment as there can be NO open fires. Gas Fired Cooking Appliances are permitted onsite
  • Any items brought to VG like blow up pools/couches etc MUST be taken home with you!
  • If you would rather not cook, there is a canteen onsite
  • The Campsite is rather dark in areas, so torches would be handy for all attending
  • Prizes are available for selected activities – ask the Rover Crew running the activity, if there is a prize
  • Excessive noise from speakers onsite will have the speakers confiscated until after the closing ceremony on Sunday 


  • Alcohol and non-prescribed drugs are NOT to be bought to VG – any Venturer, Guide, Rover or Leader found with non-prescribed drugs or alcohol in their possession will be sent home immediately, along with the rest of their Unit, at their parents’, guardians’ or own expense
  • No energy drinks will be allowed onsite – items will be confiscated when found and will not be returned.
  • No-Doze or similar are not to be bought onsite – items found will be confiscated and destroyed.
  • No whips, knives, multi tools, laser pointers (which will not be returned) and any other item deemed dangerous will be taken to Admin for safekeeping (so don’t bring them!)
  • No Pot belly stoves or other flame based heaters to be bought onsite
  • No couches or large pieces of furniture (especially with wheels) will be allowed onsite
  • No bicycles (1, 2 or 3 wheels) allowed to be bought on site by Venturers, Leaders or Rovers, except for those being used by an activity
  • No drones of any description to be brought to VG. Authorised drone use only by permission of the Committee Member