Q – I have booked a bus but due to a change in circumstances, I no longer need a bus ticket.  Can i get a refund? 

A – Please submit a refund request via our Contact Us page and the VG will follow up.

Q – I would like to change my activities. 

A – Please re book via try booking. If you wish to cancel due to cross over please complete the following form: https://forms.gle/jnbFLANGp5LrgAsD9

Q – How do i know where i am camping ? 

A – Campsites will be allocated by Region closer to the Event.  

Q – Can i get a refund if I can no longer can come along to VG ? 

A – Please refer to the Refund Policy and form available under Contact Us.

Q – Unit leaders, how can you get a copy of you unit list ? 

A – VG will provide all registered Unit Leaders with a Unit List on the 13th of November. A final list will also be sent to you on the 29th of November.

Q – What do i need to do if I am being hosted by a different unit? 

A – Firstly, Indicate this on trybooking, then complete a hosting form which can be found on the Forms Page.

Q – I am a service leader, how do I get my ticket?

A – Please contact your allocated member of the VG Committee or Contact enquiries@vicgathering.com

For any other questions please contact our team via enquiries@vicgathering.com